Oriental Hybrid Lily

Scientific Name: Lillium hybrid

Family: Liliaceae

Height: 1-3 ft.

Spread: 0.75-2 ft

Bloom Time: June-July

Native Range: Asia, hybridized in gardens

Ecological Value: Nectar.

Human Value: Ornamental. All parts are poisonous.

According to Wikipedia: “These are based on hybrids within LiliumsectionArchelirion,[36][37] specifically Lilium auratum and Lilium speciosum, together with crossbreeds from several species native to Japan, including Lilium nobilissimumLilium rubellumLilium alexandrae, and Lilium japonicum.They are fragrant, and the flowers tend to be outward facing. Plants tend to be tall, and the flowers may be quite large. The whole group are sometimes referred to as “stargazers” because many of them appear to look upwards. (For the specific cultivar, see Lilium ‘Stargazer’.)” (

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