Scientific Names: Rubus idaeus

Family: Rosaceae

Height: 5-6 ft.

Spread: 5-6 ft.

Bloom Time: May-June, August

Native Range: North America, Pennsylvania

Ecological Value: Nectar plant for beneficial insects. Birds enjoy berries.

Human Value: Berries are eaten fresh or cooked. Leaves can be used for tea.

We grow three varieties of raspberry: two red and one yellow. The first two years, the raspberries did exceptionally well, but in 2019 and 2020, they struggled. As a rule, I don’t water our garden once plants are established. It is possible that the dry summers of the last two years have stressed the canes. Last year, the yarrow growing with them seemed like it might be out competing them, so I have kept it in check in 2020. Nevertheless, many canes have turned brown over the summer. Once the Corona virus pandemic passes, I plan to have the soil retested and see if an imbalance is contributing to our raspberries’ troubles.

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