Scientific Name: Vitis sp.

Family: Vitaceae

Height: 15 – 20 ft.

Spread: 8- 15 ft.

Bloom Time: May – June

Native Range: Orchard Hybrid

Ecological Value: Nectar plant. Berries for birds.

Human Value: Green grapes are edible, but reputed to have a thick skin. Varieties like this one were more likely used for making jams and wines than for snacking. Leaves are also edible.

August 5, 2020: In the spring of 2020, Johanna allowed me to transplant three of her green grape vines from the fence beside her drive way. Today they are growing on the south and east side of Ian’s club house. The eastern vine, which had the oldest root system has produced a bunch of grapes this year. I look forward to tasting them in the fall.

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