Hazelnut, American

Scientific Name: Corylus americana

Family: Betulaceae

Height: 10 – 16 ft.

Spread: 8 – 13 ft.

Bloom Time: March – April

Native Range: Eastern North America, Pennsylvania

Ecological Value: The large shrubs provide shelter and nesting sites for birds. Tallamy reports that American hazelnut is a larval host for 125 species of caterpillars. Mammals and birds eat nuts.

Human Value: Edible nuts.

August 5, 2020: I purchased two American hazelnut whips from Prairie Moon Nursery in the spring of 2019 and planted them against the east fence next to Ian’s clubhouse. The southern whip survived and has grown into a small multi-stemmed shrub, but the more northern whip was planted in much poorer soil and died. I plan to plant a second hazelnut next spring as a pollinator for the surviving plant.

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