Mockingbird, Northern

Scientific Name: Mimus polyglottos

Family: Mimidae

Native Range: Mexico, United States, Southern Canada; Pennsylvania

Size: Medium mimid: Length: 20.5 to 28 cm (8.1 to 11.0 in); Wingspan: 31–38 cm (12–15 in)

Active: Year-round resident*

Field Markings: “Gray overall; darker above; White wing patches and outer tail feathers flash conspicuously in flight; Long, blackish wings and tail; Short, black bill” (Alderfer p. 186-187)

August 7, 2020: Across the street from out house is a tall evergreen tree with a bare leader. Our local mockingbird perches at the top and sings and does its flip display. One afternoon, I heard a cell phone ring while I was in the yard, which morphed into a bird call and then into another. I looked up and realized that the mocking bird had learned to ring like a phone.

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