Veneer, Changeable Grass

Scientific Name: Fissicrambus mutabilis

Family: Crambidae

Native Range: Eastern and Central United States, Pennsylvania.

Size: Wingspan: 17 mm (0.67 in)*

Active: April – September, with two generations per year and overwintering as partially grown larva.*

Color and Appearance: “Adult: forewing yellowish-brown with diffuse grayish-white streak running lengthwise in upper half of wing (i.e. nearest the costa); subterminal line black, evenly toothed; PM line jagged, irregularly toothed, sometimes continuous but often broken and represented by just two or three black spots; hindwing variably pale to dark brownish-gray.” (

Larva know as Striped Sod Webworm. Adults are primarily nocturnal, hiding in the grass by day.*

*From (

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