Eastern-Tailed Blue Butterfly

Scientific Name: Cupido comyntas

Family: Lycaenidae

Native Range: United States and southern Canada, Pennsylvania*

Size: Wingspan: 23-28 mm (0.91 – 1.14 in)*

Active: Spring – fall. Two or more generations per year. Larva overwinters.*

Color and Appearance: “Adult: male’s wings above iridescent pale blue with brownish-gray along outer margin; forewings with a short oblique black bar near middle; hindwings with a row of submarginal black spots and a small orange spot at the base of each projecting tail. Female’s wings larger with longer tails, gray above on body and wings, 2 or 3 small orange spots with black dots near margin of hindwings. Wings of both sexes below silvery gray with small dark spots and a few orange spots near margin of hindwings.” *

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