Short-Winged Green Grasshopper

Scientific Name:  Dichromorpha viridis

Family: Acrididae 

Native Range: Eastern United States including eastern Great Plains, Pennsylvania*

Size: Male: 14-22 mm (0.55 – 0.87 in); Female: 23-30 mm (0.91 – 1.18 in)*

Active: Summer – early fall*

Color and Appearance: “Female coloration is usually uniform, either brown or green. Males have two common color forms, green on upper surface and brown on sides, or light brown upper surface and dark brown sides. Forewings are usually very short, but long-winged individuals do occur. Elegant Grasshopper, D. elegans, is similar, found along east coast. D. viridis has two sulci (grooves) on pronotum, D. elegans just one. D. elegans is also said to have a larger head than D. viridis.”*

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