Dogwood, Red Osier

Scientific Name: Cornus sericea

Height: 4-5 ft

Spread: 4-5 ft spread by suckering and layering

Bloom Time: May-June

Native Range: Northern North America, Pennsylvania

Ecological Value: Larval host. Berries for birds and small animals late summer, fall and into the early winter. Wildlife browse the leaves, shoots and twigs. It also provides cover.

Human Value: Native Americans used the Red Osier for a variety of medicines. Stems may be used for basket weaving. Ojibwe and Chippawa used the bark for dye.


Beautyberry, American

Scientific Name: Callicarpa americana

Height: 3-6 ft

Spread: 3-6 ft

Bloom Time: June-August

Native Range: Southeastern United States

Ecological Value: Deer and birds eat the fruit.

Human Value: Native Americans used roots, leaves and branches to treat malarial fevers and rheumatism. Roots and berries were boiled to make tea for colic. Berries can be made into jam.